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Rolling Meadows Probate and Trust Administration Attorney

Skilled Legal Guidance From an Experienced Illinois Lawyer

Whenever a person passes away and has left a will, the probate process may be required. The legal requirements of that process can be time consuming, frustrating and confusing for people who do not have experience in probate law. At Michael J. Moran & Associates, P.C., we help clients navigate the probate process quickly and successfully.

From our offices in Rolling Meadows, probate and trust administration lawyer Michael J. Moran offers clients the benefits of more than 30 years of experience. Contact us by e-mail or call 847-666-5648, toll free at 866-587-4561, to schedule a consultation.

The Probate Process

Depending on the estate and the tools used by the decedent, there are many issues that may arise during probate. We assist clients in every aspect of the probate process. The executor and trustee may need to file estate tax returns and fiduciary tax returns. Gathering records, dealing with creditors and following the documents laid out by the decedent requires an understanding of financial and legal fields. We have the experience and knowledge you need to make the process run smoothly.

Trust Administration and Related Issues

In some cases, the probate process is unnecessary. Our services include trust administration and the disposition of assets outside of probate. The administration of trusts often takes years to complete. The terminology and decision-making is legally complex and requires qualified counsel to manage. We can help guide you through all the steps and avoid the pitfalls to make the process a success.

We assist clients in Illinois probate litigation or trust disputes. If there is a question regarding the actions of an executor or the trustee, the validity of a will, or any issue regarding the property of the decedent, we can represent your interests in court. We have significant experience and have an excellent track record in litigating and resolving probate or trust disputes.

Our firm also assists clients in guardianship matters where part of a decedent's estate is designated for someone who is disabled or too young to manage the property themselves.

Estate Tax Planning

In 2010, no estate tax is applied in the probate process, although the estate tax resumes in 2011. Assets that were formerly valued on a step-up basis are currently valued on a carryover basis. This has a significant impact on the heirs who receive assets in probate. There are income tax implications that can drastically affect the value of the assets received in probate. We can help you understand the law and your options. Contact our offices online, call 847-666-5648, toll free at 866-587-4561, to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney regarding your probate or trust administration needs.

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